I have a passion to empower others to confidently navigate professional and personal adversities to achieve their individual aspirations.

I share my knowledge and experiences through academic research and consultancy, invited guest speaking events, conference panellist opportunities and mentoring relationships.

My research sits at the intersection of gender and race, with a specific focus on masculinities. Indeed, my own expertise speaks to issues related to gender, race, politics and social (in)justice in that I explore the problematic representations of black men, and by extension, impact on gender constructions. My research interests also include academic diversity and inclusivity challenges faced by minority groups within higher education.

In addition to my academic journey, I have I6 years of experience working outside of academia with disadvantaged vulnerable communities on issues such as gang’s affiliation, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, community degradation and other social injustices and racially charged concerns.

I have written research reports on ‘Girls and Gangs: A Critical Analysis on the role of females in UK Gangs, Equality and Diversity: Black Minority Ethnic academic attainment and experiences in higher education, Social Care within the city of Birmingham and LGBTQ inclusivity in the curriculum.

I am a strong believer of ‘if you can see it, then you can believe it and then you can be it!’ I continue my journey being the visual example for many young [black] women and young people.

*CV on request