Peer Reviewed Journal Article: 

Briscoe-Palmer, S and Mattocks, K (2020) Career Development and Progression of Early Career Academics in Political Science: A Gendered Perspective, Political Science Review 1-16

Mattocks, K and Briscoe-Palmer, S (2016) Diversity, Inclusion and Doctoral Study: Challenges Facing Minority PhD Students in the United Kingdom, European Political Science 15 (4) 476–492

Book Chapters: 

Briscoe-Palmer S and Mattocks K (2020) Race, Intersectionality and Diversity in European Political Science. In Boncourt T, Engeli I and Garzia D (eds) Political Science in Europe: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects. London: ECPR Press/Rowman & Littlefield International. Pp. 199-219.

Book Reviews: 

The Digital Lives of Black Women in Britain by Francesca Sobande (2020) [Online].The Sociological Review (2021).

Opinion Pieces: 

2022 Disadvantaged students starting courses in 2022 are worse off as a result of COVID – universities must support them. The Conversation  


2022 Are you listening? Black Voices on Contraception Choice and Access to Services. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.  

Policy Reports and Technical Papers:

2018 “Girls and Gangs Report: A Critical Analysis on the role of females in UK Gangs”. Gender Empowerment Movement CIC research into gangs and affiliated groups. *Research to impact current gang reduction strategies and crime commission initiatives.

2017 “A Power Analysis Report: Social Care in the City of Birmingham”, College of Social Sciences (COSS) at the University of Birmingham and Citizens UK. *Research to Impact initiative has helped shape Citizen UK strategies. From a University perspective, it has been highlighted as good example of CoSS’s impact. 

Work in Progress: 

  • Black Masculinity and Colonial Legacies: Exploring the Global Politics of Jamaican and Diasporic constructions of Gender. (Monograph, Nov 2023),
  • Interrogating Masculinitie(s): An Intersectional Approach (Journal Article, May 2022 submission) to be submitted to Gender and Society, (impact factor: 2.742)
  • The Representation of BAME Communities during Covid-19 Pandemic in the UK Press (Journal Article, submitted), to be submitted to Media, Culture and Society (impact factor: 3.171
  • My Ph. Disability: An Intersectional Approach to Diversity and Inclusivity Challenges in Higher Education (Journal Article, Aug 2021), to be submitted to Educational Philosophy and Theory, (impact factor:1.415)

*CV on request